Monday, May 28, 2007

Imagine if we Changed.

Imagine if we Changed. Imagine our Dreams of Love alive. Imagine our rules for living are meaningless. Imagine things could be OK. Imagine everyone with food. Imagine freedom from the slavery of the Profit Providers. Imagine exciting, fresh ideas surging from minds newly freed. Imagine Hope flowing through each of us like a River of Healing. Imagine forgetting the past and Facing the Future. Imagine the peace of Harmony with Nature. Imagine the end of war. Imagine a Universal Devotion to Life. Imagine living in a world that that doesn’t have to die.

Imagine it because you will live it.

In the end, this has all just been an Imitation of Life.

In the end, this has all just been an Imitation of Life. We’ve been squeezing the life out of this planet year after year with No Thought of tomorrow. Our Artificial Framework for Living, a sham. The Pursuit of Profits has proven a perfunctory path to poverty. You should hear them trying to defend it, hoping to preserve their Blind Ways, eager to somehow stave off the Day of Reckoning. The Coward is king. He rules the Rhetoric and fans the flames of Fear. If we Change we Die, sayeth the Coward. But the truth is, we are not living now. Our "life" is an impermanent creation, sort of like jumping off a cliff, flapping your arms and calling it flying. Hard reality coming!

All the things we do to say we are providing for our families are in the end the things that will destroy our families.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Does God believe our propaganda?

Does God believe our propaganda? The frequency of the campaigns is intensifying as we near the End and the Powers That Still Hope To Be fear Truth will reveal itself. “Everything is good,” they hastily assure. “All things will be fine. We are Good People.” Here’s what Good People do: make Truth the Enemy, declare Hope a Terrorist, portray Change as Doom. It’s all about preserving the Way Things Are. Giving Aid and Comfort by telling the masses what they want to hear. These terrorists know the voices inside others because they know the voices inside themselves. Awards are actually given out for the Most Effective Lies. Even books have been written on how to strangle the truth. Lying has become most Profitable these days.

Except, of course, if you are interested in Living.

I don’t see how I can do anything Important.

I don’t see how I can do anything Important. I’m trapped on a doomed rock, hurtling around the Sun Star as my cannibalistic comrades eye me as a cadaver. How am I to believe there’s a future in that? The Age of Plenty is ending and everyone is scrambling to grab their share before it ends. Yesterday I saw an Outland woman share her precious food with a stranger. A completely unselfish act – something Important. It really made me reflect how eaten up I myself am with rage and selfishness. In the Green Zones no one criticizes you for being greedy. With a wink and a nod they happily continue their Pursuit. If only they could take a step back and see themselves.

The future lies only in Healing our Soul.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Aren’t all children precious?

Aren’t all children precious?

Panic in the well manicured streets today of the Green Zones as newscasters breathlessly announced a Pervert Man was crawling into the beds of sleeping teenage girls and feeling them up. In their ears he would whisper, “Don’t fear the reaper.” There’s nothing the Uncaught Perverts of the Green Zones like more than a Caught Pervert. But in the Outlands it’s a different story: we are openly perverted. Here’s the story of Outland children:

A man dropped off his 16 year old daughter to a whore house and left her there for life. He was well rewarded in profits.

12 year-olds were gathered up at school today. They are now of age to join the army. It’s mandatory. By 13 they will be hardened with killing and warped for life.

Orphans from the Outland wars are being used as slaves. Do as you’re told or be savagely beaten. Their uses range from menial chores to sex. By the time they become teenagers they are crippled zombies.

Children used as human shields and human land mine detectors were blown up and maimed today in the Outland wars.
None of this is known in the Green Zones. It is not reported nor Outraged Over like the current Pervert Man. Last year a child fell into a drilling well and an all out effort was made for two days to save her. They cheered when she was brought up and a man triumphantly proclaimed, “We care about our children.”

What he meant to say was he cares about Green Zone children.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

“Brown Skies At Dawn.”

“Brown Skies At Dawn.” That was the headline for a New Phenomena of appearances of these mysterious miasmic Brown Clouds. The Predictable Debate ensued if these clouds are our fault or the planet’s. As usual, everyone is more interested in finger pointing than solving the situation. If we determine something is bad, let’s just fix it first and ask questions later. I think we don’t do that because we are afraid of what the Answer might be. If the answer is us, then our Profit System will be proven a complete Fraud and no longer will we have the alleged axiom: One cannot survive without Profits.

But can we survive with them?

[Editor’s note: As noted in my journey to the ghost planet, the sky eventually ended up a permanent brown haze which I described as a “magnificent horror”.]

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Moment of Melancholy.

“When Man stops raping his soul, he’ll stop raping the land. And not before.”

A Moment of Melancholy. I sit here watching this flower flutter in the wind and I think of What Could Have Been. I think of the Dreams we had when we first arrived here those thousands of years ago. There was High Talk of Cooperation and a New Way of Fairness and, yes, we were fairer than ever before which made us great. But we did not build upon it. We did not Honor what made us prosperous, instead we started on a long, slow journey of squeezing it dry. And thus, we did not Honor ourselves. So having turned our back on ourselves, the Battles began and Debates raged for the necessity of Honor. With Nature representing our own inner nature, It became the Enemy, an Obstacle to our Success.

Amazing how we turned this Flower into our Enemy.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Cyborgs are legion.

The Cyborgs are legion. The New Thinking has it that the smart people are the ones least human. The Meek live a Fool’s Lie, they say. So everyone’s going in for Machine Replacement Parts. This is good for the Power Illusionists. Cyborgs value themselves less and therefore complain less. These Useful Idiots never believe in the Sin of Thinking. Blind Duty is the key to their success. The more Fanatical, the more Blessed. The Illusionists use them to silence Truth Tellers and Voices of Reason. They tell the cyborgs such people are traitors and must be eliminated for the Common Good.

Ambition lies in seeing who has the most zeal to not feel.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

"I want to eat! Why can’t I eat? I don’t understand!"

"I want to eat! Why can’t I eat? I don’t understand!"

I’m not there now but I’ve been where that guy is. Won’t see Him on the Green Zone News! I know how he feels though. You see all these Other People eating and laughing and not giving it a second thought and here you are Starving and Dying and Praying for Death just so the agony will end. When it’s happening to you, you can see no reason for it. Those in the Green Zones always have a Ready Excuse for the misery of the Outlanders. And any Protests by the Outlanders are met with a Ruthless Response by the Authorities. But trust me, when you’re the one Starving, there are no Excuses.

God damn this planet to Hell!

The Industrial Reports came out today and, as always, All Things Are Good.

The Industrial Reports came out today and, as always, All Things Are Good. No Need for Change. Since we have made the ludicrous decision to determine Life or Death according to profits, no one dares stand up to the Providers of said profits. And Industry is more than happy to tell us Their Ways are Good. I guess one truly considers oneself to be God when one seeks out one’s own Blessing. I hear all sorts of grumbling and debates over the veracity of the Reports and some even expose hard facts that disprove the Report’s conclusion. But no one wants to hear that. And the Profit Providers know that. So go ahead, question it all you want, the Official Word is already out.

What is Never Questioned is whether profits should determine Life or Death.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A soulless man says there are no souls

"A soulless man says there are no souls;
"A lonely man says there is no love;
"A rich man says there are no cares;
"A foolish man says there are no fools;"

Ironically enough, this is a very popular quote in the Green Zones as a way of warning against the dangers of the self-serving perspective. I think they feel if they pay homage to such a sentiment that somehow they must be living it – and thus absolved of any responsibility. There are parades to Save the Planet and protests to Make Life Good by those who realize the coming Doom of our Ways. But there is no accompanying Call for Change (other than, “Stop the bad”).

And without the Call for Change it’s all just blowing smoke.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

War Fever burns hot.

War Fever burns hot. It’s like a religion to them, the Path to Salvation. Though the Official Spoken Word is All Things Are Good, we know life is running out on our planet. The battles between the Haves are ferocious and pitiless. And as the pot grows smaller, the fighting will only turn fiercer. Everyone is afraid to speak out against the new war religion. The feeling is we have to grab what we can before it all runs out. It is our Moral Duty.

The Good Guys are never wrong.

Sanctuary has simmered away into the Sun.

Sanctuary has simmered away into the Sun. No one bothers to put out the Fires anymore. No one sees the profit in it. The Sky turns dark like our souls. Part of me loves it. The billowing, black towers of smoke pay homage to our Continuing Insanity. Our Mighty Power blots out the Sun. The smell of chemicals consumes the flowers’ fragrance. The Oily Soot covers us in Glorious Grime. We are Rotting Beasts roaming the planet in Defiant Death. We are the gods of Doom.

Our Will be done.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I am outlawed because I disagree.

I am outlawed because I disagree. The Green Zones have the food and wealth and power. It is there I must go to survive. I sneak in, blend in, heartily agree with their sentiments, then sneak back out to where I can breathe. But the green zones are shrinking as the Outland Zone spreads. How do they reconcile our deaths with their good fortune? By declaring themselves Holy. How do you tell a good person from bad? Easy. A good person has food. They build walls of stone and men and hate, feeling that may keep them safe.

But no one is safe on a dying planet.

It’s all machinery now.

It’s all machinery now. There is no hope. We live to serve the machines. We lie to serve the machines. We loathe to serve the machines. But this has been deemed the Only Way. The Answer, they say, is to always build more. If there’s a problem – any problem – more machinery will solve it. We like that answer. It gives us power and control over our fate – or at least we hope that. The Great Communal Lie is to never acknowledge our dwindling resources – to blindly build until we can no more.

Then what??

Can you feel the rhythm of the times?

Can you feel the rhythm of the times? The Drumbeat of Anger pounds harder as we devolve into chaos. Our music, our arts, even our daily discourse reflect our disease of desperation. A Hard Heart is hip. Yet I do remember the Age of Song. When we dreamed of a Way beyond our madness and cruelty. But the Immoral among us could not stand those times and even today speak bitterly of them. “Look at what we’ve built!” they said. “Do you want to lose all this?” So our dream died and we went back to the Old Ways and this made the Corrupt feel good.

But what we did yesterday we can no longer do today.