Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just as I was about to lie down in bed, I heard the first Retaliation Bomb.

"Paradise exists in the dreams of children."

Just as I was about to lie down in bed, I heard the first Retaliation Bomb. The thunderous impact Reeked of the Venom of which it was sent. Though other explosions followed, none had the fury of the Initial Blast. It was like replicating an Earthquake with its aftershocks: just when you think the Hell is over, it keeps Coming Back. The Green Zoners were sending a Message along with their Death to the Outlanders.

There's an Irresistible Desire in every Outlander to pop the Green Zone Bubble and the Idyllic Life contained therein. It's easy to point towards the obvious Envy Factor but there's more: a False Hope that somehow popping the Bubble will spread Prosperity to the outlands. These Temptations hold sway with me too but I hold No Tolerance for violence. Yet I understand the Feeling one gets as one watches one's own child Starve as another's knows no Deprivation. One does not see the Reason for one's child to die - especially when there is None.

As a planet, it seems each day we move Further from our Dreams. The World as it is I don't think is anyone's idea of Paradise. But yet I hear those who Have It Good keep Claiming utopia has been Achieved. But somehow I don't think paradise needs Missiles. I think it needs Dreams - dreams we Abandoned long ago.

Monday, December 10, 2007

There's talk of Control Camps being built.

"These Control Camps were like sores on a body,
"Open wounds upon the landscape."

There's talk of Control Camps being built. With the return of the Black Riders, I guess it only makes sense. They'll say we have to have a place to Dispose of Dissent. One can Smell the new odor of Black Terror coming as we reach The End. The Unthinkable has now come to infect this planet also. I can't believe Life is meant only to end in Disaster, so the Problem is Us. My heart breaks for the once Beloved Outpost we created.

I've always been instinctively Private on my politics. When asked, I tell them I'm a Cloud Dweller, I See Not the world. At this the Interrogator loses Interest. But even if I avoid all the camps and manage somehow to Survive, I'm still trapped on this Spinning Orb careening towards a Self-Imposed Doom.

Just like in the Hell of Yore, those who support the Control Camps believe the Death of Detention will never happen to them. Is not Self-Deception the basis of all Ruin? And if that's true, would not the Reverse mean that Self-Honesty is the basis for Life? But there are those with Evil Intent from which they know will come a Violent Reaction, and the Control Camps will seem justified in the eyes of Green Zoners. How Myopic.

Is Sharing really a worse Answer than this?

Friday, November 30, 2007

With a leap, I jumped onto the Mindless Monkey...

With a leap, I jumped onto the Mindless Monkey and tried to strangle the Life out of him. Seething with Rage, I was Possessed into action. Perhaps I wouldn't have done it had I been alone, not knowing in the back of my Mind others would pull me off. But I Snapped, thus Joining the Rage of the Times. Everyone considered it Hip.

Not sure why this guy's Mindless Mumblings set me off. He was merely parroting the Official Word handed down from On High on the State of the World. There was just Something in his voice, his Blithe Acceptance of it all, that chewed on my Final Nerve and I Visualized in this guy all things that are Wrong and Ugly. I thought I could Slay the Monster. Afterwards - after I had calmed down - I spied the Smirking Grins of a few of the witnesses of my descent into Fury. I know who those guys are.

They are Truth Slanderers. They love to stick Lies into you like a Knife and Twist it until you finally Lose Control. That is their Satisfaction. Please tell me, God, why you allow such Souls to slander your Word. These Vampires among us Feed Off other's desire to Live. How does one find Solace or Refuge from such Foul Beasts? This Blind Man must open his Eyes.

How Disturbing to find that I too am infected with the Rage Disease.

Monday, November 05, 2007

An Alien Witness approached me today.

An Alien Witness approached me today. Some people Vilify and Fear them but I find them Refreshing. The reason I think the Witnesses are so hated is because they cannot be Controlled. This drives the Powers That Be crazy - which gives me much Joy. But the Witnesses aren't here to bring Change or Enlightenment, but just to Record.

Apparently this Witness had just watched a Waste Disposal truck dump its contents into a lake instead of the Designated Disposal pit which would have Safely Housed it. And he noticed the driver did it with a Smile of self-satisfaction. As if he had been Clever. So the Witness quizzed me for an explanation. Turned out to be harder - and more Embarrasing - than I thought.

I told him that, yes, the driver would be Penalized if caught doing that. So what then motivated him? Well, he gets Penalized for using the proper pit as well. At that remark, it is really hard to describe the Confusion on the Witness's face. I tried to explain the Profit Concept, that only people with profits deserved to live. So if the driver had used the disposal pit, he would have had to given up some of his own Profits in order to do so. And since no one really likes Giving Up profits, the rule on dumping is rarely Enforced.

I told him many of us liked the idea of an Industrialized World that requires no Responsibility. In that world, Nature can be Violated with Sanction - no longer to be regarded as Holy. Our pollution is a Power Trip. We've created our Own World with our Own Rules and as a community, we Worship it because it accepts our Defilement. That is what we use as the Measure of Success.

The Confused Look never left the Witness's face.

Terrorism, it's all the rage!

Terrorism, it's all the rage! It's always been my Theory that despite Wild-Eyed and Vehement Protests to the contrary, we on the whole, in reality, truly Hate what we're doing. But what do you do when you hate the Path you're on and yet Choose to Believe it's the Only Way? The Sane Answer, of course, is to change your choice. But we Stiff-Necked people like to Pretend that any question of what path to be on is Decided and Moot.

So that leaves us with the Insane Answer: Terrorism. To Rot from within. It's a Viral thing, running through us like a Raging Fever. It's the only way left to effect the Change we so Desperately crave. With Blind Anger we wreak havoc on the very "civilization" we say we are trying to Preserve. And instead of trying to Cure this disease of Hatred, we - as always - Wage a War. Thusly forever fanning its Flames.

I know, I know, Smart we are Not.

As for me, I'm thinking of Opting Out of this ol' World of ours. If this planet doesn't Want to live, then So Be It. I'll just Make Peace with myself.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

"God heard not my prayer."

"God heard not my prayer."
- despondent Mother after watching her Children die from Starvation

We have days marked for Prayer, to make Everything Good. We pray for our Leaders, the Future and for the Well-Being of our planet. We pray that all things may be Beautiful in life. With all this praying going on, why does our Condition continue to Deteriorate? Is it because we have Turned Our Backs on our Maker and are no longer heard?

I don't know the answers to these Questions. Whatever the answer, it's Clear what we're doing is Not Working. Maybe our Prayers are being Answered but we are not Listening. Why can't we just Fix Things first and Ask Questions later? No one's fucked up this Planet but Us. And if our Maker is not going to Clean Up this Mess of ours, guess we'll just have to do it Ourselves.

All things already are Beautiful in Life.

"The Future is Final: What Tomorrow Brings"

"The Future is Final: What Tomorrow Brings". Rumors have been running rampant for weeks now about the final release of this report. I found it rather amusing to see the Heated Consternation it has caused along with the Fiery Debates over the Tiniest of details. It's like they think if they Change this report it in effect changes the Future. Funny.

I agree with the Philosopher who said all human motivation stems from the desire to be Loved. These people know they're doing wrong Wrecking the Environment and Robbing Tomorrow from our children, and that's why that can't stand it whenever the Truth of their deeds comes out. Their Faces turn red and their eyes Steam with hatred when Facts belie Wishful Thinking. Somewhere Inside, they know what they do is Unacceptable.

Obviously, I was not here when we first came to this space Outpost, but the Feeling of that Beginning Time has been passed down through the Generations. We were starting from scratch, no Preconcieved Ideas on What Should Be, but a Fresh Thinking was born in our initial burst of Joy and Love. Who would know it to see us now that we started out as Nature Worshippers, treasuring every tree and marveling at the Sky. We felt a Part of Something.

Now I feel we are at Odds with Everything.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's easy to become a Disconnect

"Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see"

It's easy to become a Disconnect. Life in this world is really Hard and the Times weigh heavily on your shoulders. So it's Tempting just to disconnect. It's sort of like sipping tea and enjoying the sun on a Sinking Ship. Just block out any Ugly Realities and grab the Moment while you can. I can see the Lure of that - sort of.

Disconnects seem like Happy People. They have a Myopic Mania for the Moment. They don't find Comfort in Fixing things - they find comfort in Ignoring things. Life to them must seem like a Doomed Situation, something to Squeeze Dry until there's nothing left. So maybe they don't realize that true Rest comes from making things Whole. But I understand. We are all very, very Tired here.

There are no Disconnects in the Outlands. Or, if you are, you don't last long. Acknowledging ugly realities is how to Stay Alive outside the Green Zones. So I'm not sure I could Sip Tea in the Sun on a sinking ship and enjoy it. My Survival Instincts would not allow it. It would sort of be like trying to rest on sharp and pointy rocks. Yet once again, I end up asking myself: Where is Sanctuary?

So, yes, living is easy with eyes closed - until the ship sinks. Then it becomes Hell on earth.

Monday, October 29, 2007

She died of Pride.

She died of Pride. This is truly a Green Zone story. Having been Born and Raised inside a Green Zone all her life, this was a Woman who had never known hunger. There can be a nasty Haughtiness Streak in the Zoners in the fact that they Live Well as others - Lessers - suffer, and this lady apparently had Rotted Away to the point to where this was all she had left. She had to live Better than others - or she was nothing. Or so she Believed.

Unholiness, she could not accept. When a Black War came to her zone and she was left out on the Wrong Side of it, her Way of Life disappeared forever. Yet she still looked down on the starving Outlanders she now lived among, despising their Hunger and loathing their Dirtiness. Their Wretchedness, she had always told herself, was the result of their own Failings. Her Comforts, on the other hand, were the result of her own Moral Superiority. Or so she Believed.

So she refused the Cramped and Ugly shelters, the food centers with Forced Preachings and disdained the Certainly Immoral handouts offered. So she died keeping up Appearances, clinging to a self-deception of Holiness. Had she chosen to live, her Tragedy in fact would have been a Golden Opportunity for change. But to her, that was Death. Or so she believed.

But maybe we aren't so Different from Her. Maybe this Whole Planet is dying of Pride.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Twilight Soldier’s Ballad

When I saw this poem I thought it really spoke of our twilight times. I'm going mad I tell you! Mad!

"Screaming shells and screaming yells,
"Our black smoke fills the sky.
"I’ve lived through a thousand hells,
"Now horror gets me high.

"Apocalyptic thunder
"Becomes my only friend.
"Give glory to our blunder,
"We’re coming to the End.

"Man’s endless battles raging
"To see who’ll be the last.
"Insanity we’re waging
"To keep life of the past.

"I worship holy metal;
"Hardens my soul to steel.
"I mock the flower’s petal;
"Her softness I can’t feel.

"Compression and oppression
"Torment my splitting head.
"You’ll see my glad expression
"When you see me lying dead.

"God, I love unholy war!
"For this my life was bent.
"Better just to be a whore,
"For tears are my lament.

"This world, I see no future;
"So let’s ring in its death!
"For my heart, there’s no suture;
"I dare not waste a breath!

"The Hell in me surrounds me,
"My Chaos in my eyes.
"This life is what confounds me,
"My hopes I do despise.

"So join me in my desire!
"Kill the dreams of others!
"And we’ll set this world on fire!
"Never be as brothers!"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some call this the New Age of Black Riders.

"Thundering Hooves of Doom
"Prowling through the night!
"In Terror they assume
"Your life has no right!"

"Black Rider's eyes hold
"No consternation!
"For it's in your death
"They see salvation!"

-Old World poem

Some call this the New Age of Black Riders. In the Old World, infamous Black Riders were the Sanctioned Soulless Scalpels of times we now call Backwards and Savage. A knock in the night and your life was over. The Wailing of those times still ring in our ears. The mere mention of These Beings conjures up a portrait of pure evil. No one ever wants to live with Such Beasts ever again.

And yet, they're back.

The Power Lords are rotting from an Inner Viral Fear. Their Comfy Spots well cocooned in the Green Zones are in danger if Change is indeed mandated. And this they Cannot tolerate. Despite all our Desperate Self-Propaganda, there is a growing sense of a Dire Outcome. And this has brought a gnawing Dissent. Maybe that's the real reason the Black Riders went away: we were all so unified in our opinion they simply were not needed. But maybe we aren't so Unified after all. And maybe we haven't Grown as much as we think.

So now there's a New Fear of Speaking Out. Most people are with the Power Lords and their Ways, so they remain Silent on the return of the Evil Menace. The Persecuted are only a small number right now, but that's how it all started before. Soon, everyone's suspect and the Hell Of Yore will have returned. But Dissent is not the true Enemy here. It's our own Guilt.

And the funny part is, even the Dissenters aren't proposing any actual Change.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Today I sat on the Edge of the World and gazed to the End of Time

"I don't know why it's the Way it is, I just know It Is."
-an Outlander when I asked him why we have to run the planet the way we do

Today I sat on the Edge of the World and gazed to the End of Time, and asked: What if?

I cannot live in the Green Zones but I can visit them. And in seeing their Places Unspoiled, I'm reminded of the magical beauty of this planet of ours. How an Intelligent Design permeates from the atom to the end of the Universe. All this time we've been searching for Paradise, and it's been right under our noses all along. As I sit here watching the Gentle Glistening of the water, I feel our Maker speak an Ancient Dream to me. And I wonder: Are we going to fuck this up beyond all repair?

Are we going to turn Day into Night and Joy into Fright? Will we continue on until this world simply has nothing left to give? And if so, what then? Do we die a death Unimaginable? As we wantonly destroy and consume, we place ourselves on a path with No Escape.

I don't know about you guys, but I want to live!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Darkness is the new hip. And Death is cool.

Darkness is the new hip. And Death is cool. But it wasn't always like this. During the Golden Age of our Blossoming, our songs and our art were about the coming Utopia. We spoke of our Dreams and the New Way of living to end all suffering. But once we found out the Price for our dreams - the abandonment of the Profit System - we turned our back on them.

So now those who once danced with Flowers now dance with the same exuberance for Death.To them it's all the same: celebrate the Wind - no matter which way it blows. Our songs and art glorify power, the "necessity" for evil and a disdain for Reality. No one speaks of the Old Dreams anymore.

We have a Shared Secret: our way of life is not viable. And this Silence is dragging us into a dark Hole. There are those who point to the despair on our planet, to fixes that need to be made and how the System could be made good. No one wants the Good Life to end. But never is it mentioned that Profits should not come before our lives. For they say a place of Darkness must be preserved.

Seems we have made our own death Fashionable.

Editor's Note: It was a hell of hells.

Editor's Note:

It was a hell of hells. Unimaginable horror. The last entry really got to me when first I read it. I pictured myself in a time when insanity ruled the day and fealty to it was actually expected. I literally could see the author drowning in his self-described "sea of madness", surrounded by an ocean of unfeeling eyes. And as the feeling of being futureless descended upon the Alpha Centaurians their hearts only became harder. Theirs is a sorrow that echoes across time. If only we could communicate with other worlds as they approach the crisis time to show them just how real the danger is. But only through their fires may they be purified.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's 2 AM and both moons are out here in No Man's Land.

It's 2 AM and both moons are out here in No Man's Land. I am not able to generate the profits to live in a Green Zone bubble. But I am allowed to work there which affords me the ability to live on the outskirts so I can still escape the feared life in the Outlands. Since I run into both Outlanders and Green Zoners, I pretend to be whomever I meet as there is so much resistence between the two. The Outlanders merely see the Greenies as hoarders of resources, refusing to share the wealth. Green Zoners see the Outlanders as animals whose only intent is to take without giving. How is the Harmony of survival to come out of that??

A Political Man got in my face and demanded to know my Positions and Goals. I told him my only goal was to be Human. "That's selfish!" he chastised. "It's self-seeking and does not serve the Greater Good! Profits must be maintained and you must choose your system!" So I asked him: If you're goal is not to be human, then what is it? It was then he told me I am too stupid to understand politics.

I am lost in a sea of madness. No port I pull in to is safe harbor. It's like being on a planet of fire. Where is safety when all things are consumed? I can buy no more time by running to another land. Yet, I know somewhere there's an answer to life on a Dying Planet.

No one seems resigned to Love.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Black Wars are the Essence of War.

The Black Wars are the Essence of War. It's a Dead Warrior's dream come true: constant, endless strife until the end of time. In the war zones, Anarchy of the Beast reigns supreme. Overhead, the steady flow of brooding, grey cargo planes passes over day and night to feed the insatiable War Machine. Many are those who Profit from the Black Wars but war means never having your own home.

The Black Wars got their name from their Black hearted nature. There've been reports of soldiers crying while firing, recoiling at the very devastation they wreak. The fighters' suicide rates have skyrocketed. It's a cannibalistic War. As a Green Zone dies, it divides itself in half with the two sides fighting over the remaining resources. The half that wins is the new Green Zone - until it starts to run dry and the war starts all over again.

It's a surreal nightmare these times are. Children run laughing through lush parks in the Green Zone, children run screaming in terror in the war zones. I myself have spent time hiding from nearby skirmishes, watching wide-eyed as the Soldiers of Despair pass by. Afterwards, as I walk the battlefield with its rising, black smoke and sickening stench of Death, I think of the Dream Killers who orchestrate this hell and how happy they would be at such a sight.

The war from without reflects the war from within.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

43 days without the Sun.

43 days without the Sun. I thought I would go mad. Some did. Every day the same with globs of grey hued Clouds tinged with a rustic brown suffocating the Sky. What is going on here? Have we completely lost our minds? As Fear broke out, the Quellers were quick to rush in with Explanations of Exoneration for our ways. And since there’s nothing more abhorrent in the Green Zones than the Thought of Change, they did what they always do: disconnected a little bit more.

No one resists the Cup of No Tomorrow. The unbearable reality of what we’ve done oppresses the Sober Mind into torment. But rather than work our way through it, we drink once more of the Mindlessness of Madness. It tells us all is OK. See only the Now, with no thought further. How comforting it is: the soothing thought of never having to pay. Some have made whole Cults out of it. They Banned me when I said we must pay for our sins to survive. With Righteous Fury I was informed we must NOT pay for our sins to survive.

But will we be OK with The Now of tomorrow?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Who sings on a dying planet?

"And in the the end
The love you take
Is equal to
The love you fake."

- From the New World Order album

Who sings on a dying planet? Our art has become artless. This is what happens when Faith is lost. Oh sure, I hear a lot crap about proclaiming faith and posing as a True Believer, but the words ring hollow. If you can't sing with Soul, sing as if you have soul - and we'll pretend it's the same. Wishful thinking has replaced hope and fear has made a desert of our dreams. Guilt kills all rythm.

"If you can't have a Life, at least you can have a lifestyle." A friend of mine said this to me recently. So we sing about the Goodies we got, how High we're living and all the so-called Power we can glory in. What a crock. Hard Beats from Hard Hearts. What happened to our belief in a Better Way? "Everything we Love will never die." Was I the only one to Believe that? I don't care I'm mocked as a Naive Idealist. Let them sing of their profits, but as for me, I prefer this lyric:

"Find your way back! Find your way back to the heart!"

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Evil is the new Norm.

Evil is the new Norm. No longer hiding in the shadows, fearfully testing the waters of Insanity, it’s gaining confidence Daily, boldly proclaiming its dictums as fact. As spokesmen for evil see the lack of a General Challenge, the envelope is constantly being pushed to new Extremes. Their Ultimate Goal is to have everyone saying black is white and white is black. When that happens, they know they’ll finally be safe to say Evil is Good.

Evil has crept in like a thief in the Night. In every Debate it has a chair. One man says Rape the environment, another says Preserve it. Each is described as “well meaning” and “thoughtful”. Am I the only one who notices the Smirk on the evil guy’s face when that is said about him? He’s laughing so hard on the Inside he can’t hide it! Yet he shows us how twisted we’ve become when Twisted Words are considered valid.

It’s like we’ve been on a giant, slowly leaking Ship. A ship we claim to be Perfect. At first, only Total Buoyancy was acceptable. Then after the Leak is discovered, buoyancy with pumps running 24 hours a day is normal. Then the Sinking started. Sure, we’re getting lower all the time, but each low becomes the new Norm. Now, faced with the crushing thought of Imminent Doom, insanity gains converts with its siren song of, “All is good! We can never sink!”

What’s so wrong with admitting our Boat is defective and fixing it??

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Living is a good thing.

"All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning is see your eyes.
"Rosanna! Rosanna!
"I never thought that a girl like you could ever care for me.

Living is a good thing. It’s what I should do. It’s all I should do. Let the sins of others be on their heads and the sins of me be on mine. It’s a Living Thing I need to create. And when it’s alive, all the world’s a dream. The feeling is Endless. This is where the future lies.

Then comes Ugly Reality to ruin it for everyone.

There are people who devote their entire lives around this happening. These are the Dead People. They are ones talking of the Necessity of war and politics and other dead things. I’ve come to realize it’s all just a Ploy to drag others down into their own hole. They talk big and speak of Noble Causes and Urgent Matters but in the end it’s all about them, running away from life. “Be as I am.”

That’d be OK if you were actually living.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

In the Final Analysis, we’re all in prison.

In the Final Analysis, we’re all in prison. I agree with the Soul who said, “Either we learn to live together or we die together.” So what is Safe? There are those who burrow deep into the Green Zones, amass huge profits and Disconnect from reality. In this way they seek to Insulate themselves from the pain of the world – and considerable pain there is. But those people become Prisoners of the Mind.

When we first started this outpost we had such High Ideals. We were going to do things a New Way, a Better Way, a Way for the Ages. Our music rang out with the joy of the Universe. We had such belief in ourselves! It’s hard to believe we are the same people. How did we descend into War and Starvation and Injustice so easily? Are we just kidding ourselves thinking we still hold that same goodness?

Many are proud of the things they have. But the truth is, we don’t have Things, they have Us. That is what Possessed means.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We actually have a day Dedicated to our planet.

We actually have a day Dedicated to our planet. In the Green Zone today, we all had to wear green armbands. This is how we show support of our planet (no kidding!). Eh, it’s easier than caring. It’s called Alpha Centauri Day and we celebrate what great Stewards of the World we are. We even picked up some litter so we can feel free to trash the place the rest of the year. Great Speeches were made on the Importance of our Environment and how we need stop destroying it. It would have been great had they actually meant it.

People think I'm all about Changing the System and Revolution and shit. Well, I'm not. That's waaay too much thinking for me. What I'm all for is admitting the Truth. It's just that the repercussions of that are Revolution. That’s how Far Off this floating orb is.

At the end of our Forced Reverence, we all held hands and praised ourselves in Empty Gestures meant show our true love of Nature.

This we do as we rape It.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I think I wandered off into another Time today…

I think I wandered off into another Time today…

It’s true I spend a lot of time in the Green Zones toiling mercilessly for Profits to survive. But that’s all it is to me. I am not a True Believer or Defender of the Faith. I hate those fanatics. I come back here to the Outlands where Faith in the System is not expected. For some reason I particularly wanted to be as far away as possible from the Green Zone pressures. It was like a knot in my head I needed to get rid of. But apparently I went so far as to snap my mental tether cord.

It was the End of the Day and the sun was dying on an unusually Haze free day. I passed through a junkyard of metal and rust, things of Discarded Use. That’s when I first started noticing The Feeling. There was a Stillness as I gazed upon these Dead Objects, never to know life again. My mind started looking at them as the Universe would, questioning Our Judgment. I Feared the answer.

Onward I tread into a Burned Out terrain where Machines had once come and taken what they will. And left the Land to an oily death. I had never felt so Isolated as I did crossing that soil, this place of Rejection. If asked, I would have sworn I was the Only Person on the planet. All the Lies and Propaganda and False Hopes fell away in Sobering Realization. Nature knew what we were doing. And as much as we hate to admit it, Nature has the Ultimate Say.

So a Dying Man sat in the Dying Sun on a Dying World. I was timeless at that point, with no Past or Future. It was never meant to be like this, turning Paradise into Purgatory. I wanted to stay in that spot forever, never to return to the Madness. In that Moment – when I knew not the time or day or year – I felt the Ancients trying to whisper an Answer into my ear.

But how can a man listen to his Dreams when he’s a slave to profits?

Monday, June 25, 2007

These are Times for Sackcloth and Ashes.

These are Times for Sackcloth and Ashes; a time for purifying Souls. A Haughtiness of Green Zone Living has bred us corrupt. To maintain our Lovely Lifestyle, there is no crime we have not committed: lying, stealing, raping, warring. So how does one rationalize such Wrongness? By declaring yourself Holy and saying God would want life this way.

It's a scary world I live in...

But in making Amends there is Hope. In feeling our pain, we can start Healing. Pain brings Sobriety and thus an end to the Excess. How long can we keep feeding ourselves Madness before we die? It's a long Road back but the Rightness of it will be Evident in the very first steps. Or will we always just keep Whistling Away in the dark.

I sometimes suggest these things just to see the glares of Anger I get in return.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I hereby disavow any knowledge of my existence.

I hereby disavow any knowledge of my existence. Everything you’ve seen me do, I have not done. All that I’ve spoken, I’ve never said. There is no Now. There is no Good or Bad. I Sin no more. Nothing is Real. This is not happening. In this way I have become “reborn”. There is only the World, and me in it. I am saved. I am Smart now.

To save the world, you must become like I am. Come, eat the fruit of my Answer. The Non-Believers must be destroyed, they infect us like a disease. We shall become Holy Terrorists as we spread The Answer. Believe us or die. Or bite the poisoned fruit and become our Brothers in Blood - lest we become Forever Enemies. In this way we shall Cleanse the World.

And there will be Dissent no more.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

What’s going to happen when the truth finally comes out?

What’s going to happen when the truth finally comes out? I hear the grumbling all the time. Everyone hates this Set Up. But if you are a Questioner chances are you’ll get kicked out of the Green Zone. And I’ve seen people kill before they let that happen. So we are content to bitch and moan…but never formally Question. The Green Zones are pressure cookers ready to blow. I laugh when the Powers That Be stifle the Complainers by enforcing the Happiness Rule: If you can’t be happy here, try being happy in the Outland. That shuts them up. Blackmailed and bribed into Silence. Yet it only delays The Inevitable. No one likes walking around with a gun to their head.

How is there hope when we aren’t even allowed to discuss an Alternative?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Insane have formed their own club, with Delusion as the dues.

The Insane have formed their own club, with Delusion as the dues. I listened today as two impassioned Disconnects verbally tussled mightily over tactics in the Battles Between the Haves. To them, war was All That Existed. They had the usual Green Zone Disease of having crawled up into a little artificial world and it was only in there they wished to reside. It was interesting because you could see the need for them to feel they lived in a world they could control and make things right. Was this because they felt their own lives out of control? The tactics each preached were the same each used in dealing with his personal affairs. “If somehow I can just keep from facing myself, everything’s going to be alright.” There’s no Future in that! No one is immune from the Desperation of Our Times. We all know what’s happening to us but never is it spoken.

Ignorance is not Bliss - and willful ignorance is Suicide.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

It’s all about the Bubble.

It’s all about the Bubble. Who can go through this world the most Untouched? That seems to be the ultimate goal of our existence. How deeply can you burrow into the Green Zone? How much of the Good Life is your life? How trivial can you become? This is what is seen as the Answer to the World’s Woes: make those woes go away for you. Never feeling, never seeing, never knowing. It’s not about Making Things Work, it’s about making things work for you. All eyes are on the rarefied stratosphere of the Easy Life in the Green Zone.

But happens when there are no more Green Zones?

The Dark Lords of Law are laughing.

The Dark Lords of Law are laughing. An Innocent Man was convicted and hanged. His final Screams of Outrage were music to their dark souls as they serenely watched the Holy Execution. “No one is above the law,” they declared. “Even when we’re wrong, we’re right.” Any god alleged to honor the truth is sought after here and the law god is a very popular one. The watchers applauded heartily in awe as the Power of the Law god reigned supreme. With the Increasing Chaos of a dying planet, a gnawing panic drives them to cling to any hope of order and a false sense of well being. As the Innocent Man dangled lifelessly from the end of the rope, each felt secure in the feeling of Absolute Power. For what are the odds such Injustice would ever happen to them?

100% my friends.

Can you feel the love?

Can you feel the love? Seems everyone is so desperate for a feeling of love and approval we’ve become a planet of whores. The Fear to Question is gaining grip on our soul. No one wants to be One Who Disagrees, an Outsider. It’s not just that all your Goodies might get taken away, it’s the fear of Disapproval. You’re not Playing Ball, you’re not keeping the game going. If you do that, then you’ll be Questioned. Answer wrongly and No One Will Love You. So turn a Blind Eye to me and I’ll wink back at you. Let’s all just say Everything is Good – especially if it’s not.

Funny part is, when I ask if the truth will save us, the answer is always, “Yes.”

Friday, June 08, 2007

I think I met the White Rabbit today.

I think I met the White Rabbit today. Or at least our modern version of it. He had been late for a very important date. I asked him why and he said vehicle trouble. You could see the rage steaming off his forehead. The Impertinent Car had stymied his Precious Plans and the thought of such a thing happening revolted him to no end. Things Such as This don’t happen to a Man Like Him. Without his Important Work, the world would stop running and Dire Consequences would unfold. So I asked what exactly the trouble was and he replied he ran out of fuel. Fortunately he was too busy with his own consternation to notice my shock and stifled laughter. With a straight face I asked why didn’t he just refuel. Like a parent lecturing a child, he clearly recounted, “I was late!” I inquired if he did not consider the possibility he might run out of fuel before he could reach his destination. He said that wasn’t something he wanted to think about.

I wonder what else he doesn’t want to think about.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Is it sane to be sane in an insane world?

Is it sane to be sane in an insane world? There are a few Noble Souls who try to speak out but the Immoral shout them down or have them killed. Maybe I should just give in and spout the same lies as everyone else. “All is good!” I’d proclaim. “Happiness and sanity are overrated!” See? That’s my problem: something always slips out. You see, in these glorious times, the truth is a traitor to our Ways. I wonder if someone reading this a thousand years from now can understand that? They may not understand the nature of our madness; of the Colossal Stupidity of seeking comfort in fleeting, temporal lies; hoping against hope that somehow we can choose Death and have Life.

But Comfort can only be found in the truth.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Greed is losing its honor.

Greed is losing its honor. The Holy of Holies in the Green Zones is greed. It is the Savior on which their society is based. “Appeal to human greed,” they openly say, “and your system will never fail.” My sentiment is the opposite – it will always fail. But some need that proven.

Trade among the Green Zones is vital to their lifestyle. But evidence has come to light of shoddy products being passed off to bolster Profits. Even food has been laced with poisons to make it appear nutritious (until chemical analysis was done). Initially there was much outrage over the lack of honor in these dealings of the Greed System. But once thought through, the Green Zoners decided it’s better to take another step closer to the grave than admit an error in Their Ways.

I think on the Tombstone of this world it should read: “Killed by its ‘savior’.”

Friday, June 01, 2007

Come, join our Polite Pretense.

Come, join our Polite Pretense. Greetings, Mr. Monster, how are you today? You cut your hand off because it itched? Excellent, my man! That'll show it! Nothing has the Right to Bother you ever, for any reason! Yes, well, I thought you might agree with that. Me? Why yes, as a matter-of-fact, I just shit my pants. But I know an esteemed person such as yourself would never mention such a Foul Smell. Indeed, it is good to be in Polite Company. Oh my, I too hate the Whiners and Complainers and all their Negative Talk, always looking at what's Wrong instead of what's Right. Good God, my heart broke forever way back in '51 and you don't see me griping! A little Misery never hurt anyone. What's that? Oh, you too!

Have a Happy Suicide, sir!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Imagine if we Changed.

Imagine if we Changed. Imagine our Dreams of Love alive. Imagine our rules for living are meaningless. Imagine things could be OK. Imagine everyone with food. Imagine freedom from the slavery of the Profit Providers. Imagine exciting, fresh ideas surging from minds newly freed. Imagine Hope flowing through each of us like a River of Healing. Imagine forgetting the past and Facing the Future. Imagine the peace of Harmony with Nature. Imagine the end of war. Imagine a Universal Devotion to Life. Imagine living in a world that that doesn’t have to die.

Imagine it because you will live it.

In the end, this has all just been an Imitation of Life.

In the end, this has all just been an Imitation of Life. We’ve been squeezing the life out of this planet year after year with No Thought of tomorrow. Our Artificial Framework for Living, a sham. The Pursuit of Profits has proven a perfunctory path to poverty. You should hear them trying to defend it, hoping to preserve their Blind Ways, eager to somehow stave off the Day of Reckoning. The Coward is king. He rules the Rhetoric and fans the flames of Fear. If we Change we Die, sayeth the Coward. But the truth is, we are not living now. Our "life" is an impermanent creation, sort of like jumping off a cliff, flapping your arms and calling it flying. Hard reality coming!

All the things we do to say we are providing for our families are in the end the things that will destroy our families.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Does God believe our propaganda?

Does God believe our propaganda? The frequency of the campaigns is intensifying as we near the End and the Powers That Still Hope To Be fear Truth will reveal itself. “Everything is good,” they hastily assure. “All things will be fine. We are Good People.” Here’s what Good People do: make Truth the Enemy, declare Hope a Terrorist, portray Change as Doom. It’s all about preserving the Way Things Are. Giving Aid and Comfort by telling the masses what they want to hear. These terrorists know the voices inside others because they know the voices inside themselves. Awards are actually given out for the Most Effective Lies. Even books have been written on how to strangle the truth. Lying has become most Profitable these days.

Except, of course, if you are interested in Living.

I don’t see how I can do anything Important.

I don’t see how I can do anything Important. I’m trapped on a doomed rock, hurtling around the Sun Star as my cannibalistic comrades eye me as a cadaver. How am I to believe there’s a future in that? The Age of Plenty is ending and everyone is scrambling to grab their share before it ends. Yesterday I saw an Outland woman share her precious food with a stranger. A completely unselfish act – something Important. It really made me reflect how eaten up I myself am with rage and selfishness. In the Green Zones no one criticizes you for being greedy. With a wink and a nod they happily continue their Pursuit. If only they could take a step back and see themselves.

The future lies only in Healing our Soul.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Aren’t all children precious?

Aren’t all children precious?

Panic in the well manicured streets today of the Green Zones as newscasters breathlessly announced a Pervert Man was crawling into the beds of sleeping teenage girls and feeling them up. In their ears he would whisper, “Don’t fear the reaper.” There’s nothing the Uncaught Perverts of the Green Zones like more than a Caught Pervert. But in the Outlands it’s a different story: we are openly perverted. Here’s the story of Outland children:

A man dropped off his 16 year old daughter to a whore house and left her there for life. He was well rewarded in profits.

12 year-olds were gathered up at school today. They are now of age to join the army. It’s mandatory. By 13 they will be hardened with killing and warped for life.

Orphans from the Outland wars are being used as slaves. Do as you’re told or be savagely beaten. Their uses range from menial chores to sex. By the time they become teenagers they are crippled zombies.

Children used as human shields and human land mine detectors were blown up and maimed today in the Outland wars.
None of this is known in the Green Zones. It is not reported nor Outraged Over like the current Pervert Man. Last year a child fell into a drilling well and an all out effort was made for two days to save her. They cheered when she was brought up and a man triumphantly proclaimed, “We care about our children.”

What he meant to say was he cares about Green Zone children.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

“Brown Skies At Dawn.”

“Brown Skies At Dawn.” That was the headline for a New Phenomena of appearances of these mysterious miasmic Brown Clouds. The Predictable Debate ensued if these clouds are our fault or the planet’s. As usual, everyone is more interested in finger pointing than solving the situation. If we determine something is bad, let’s just fix it first and ask questions later. I think we don’t do that because we are afraid of what the Answer might be. If the answer is us, then our Profit System will be proven a complete Fraud and no longer will we have the alleged axiom: One cannot survive without Profits.

But can we survive with them?

[Editor’s note: As noted in my journey to the ghost planet, the sky eventually ended up a permanent brown haze which I described as a “magnificent horror”.]

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Moment of Melancholy.

“When Man stops raping his soul, he’ll stop raping the land. And not before.”

A Moment of Melancholy. I sit here watching this flower flutter in the wind and I think of What Could Have Been. I think of the Dreams we had when we first arrived here those thousands of years ago. There was High Talk of Cooperation and a New Way of Fairness and, yes, we were fairer than ever before which made us great. But we did not build upon it. We did not Honor what made us prosperous, instead we started on a long, slow journey of squeezing it dry. And thus, we did not Honor ourselves. So having turned our back on ourselves, the Battles began and Debates raged for the necessity of Honor. With Nature representing our own inner nature, It became the Enemy, an Obstacle to our Success.

Amazing how we turned this Flower into our Enemy.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Cyborgs are legion.

The Cyborgs are legion. The New Thinking has it that the smart people are the ones least human. The Meek live a Fool’s Lie, they say. So everyone’s going in for Machine Replacement Parts. This is good for the Power Illusionists. Cyborgs value themselves less and therefore complain less. These Useful Idiots never believe in the Sin of Thinking. Blind Duty is the key to their success. The more Fanatical, the more Blessed. The Illusionists use them to silence Truth Tellers and Voices of Reason. They tell the cyborgs such people are traitors and must be eliminated for the Common Good.

Ambition lies in seeing who has the most zeal to not feel.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

"I want to eat! Why can’t I eat? I don’t understand!"

"I want to eat! Why can’t I eat? I don’t understand!"

I’m not there now but I’ve been where that guy is. Won’t see Him on the Green Zone News! I know how he feels though. You see all these Other People eating and laughing and not giving it a second thought and here you are Starving and Dying and Praying for Death just so the agony will end. When it’s happening to you, you can see no reason for it. Those in the Green Zones always have a Ready Excuse for the misery of the Outlanders. And any Protests by the Outlanders are met with a Ruthless Response by the Authorities. But trust me, when you’re the one Starving, there are no Excuses.

God damn this planet to Hell!

The Industrial Reports came out today and, as always, All Things Are Good.

The Industrial Reports came out today and, as always, All Things Are Good. No Need for Change. Since we have made the ludicrous decision to determine Life or Death according to profits, no one dares stand up to the Providers of said profits. And Industry is more than happy to tell us Their Ways are Good. I guess one truly considers oneself to be God when one seeks out one’s own Blessing. I hear all sorts of grumbling and debates over the veracity of the Reports and some even expose hard facts that disprove the Report’s conclusion. But no one wants to hear that. And the Profit Providers know that. So go ahead, question it all you want, the Official Word is already out.

What is Never Questioned is whether profits should determine Life or Death.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A soulless man says there are no souls

"A soulless man says there are no souls;
"A lonely man says there is no love;
"A rich man says there are no cares;
"A foolish man says there are no fools;"

Ironically enough, this is a very popular quote in the Green Zones as a way of warning against the dangers of the self-serving perspective. I think they feel if they pay homage to such a sentiment that somehow they must be living it – and thus absolved of any responsibility. There are parades to Save the Planet and protests to Make Life Good by those who realize the coming Doom of our Ways. But there is no accompanying Call for Change (other than, “Stop the bad”).

And without the Call for Change it’s all just blowing smoke.