Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Evil is the new Norm.

Evil is the new Norm. No longer hiding in the shadows, fearfully testing the waters of Insanity, it’s gaining confidence Daily, boldly proclaiming its dictums as fact. As spokesmen for evil see the lack of a General Challenge, the envelope is constantly being pushed to new Extremes. Their Ultimate Goal is to have everyone saying black is white and white is black. When that happens, they know they’ll finally be safe to say Evil is Good.

Evil has crept in like a thief in the Night. In every Debate it has a chair. One man says Rape the environment, another says Preserve it. Each is described as “well meaning” and “thoughtful”. Am I the only one who notices the Smirk on the evil guy’s face when that is said about him? He’s laughing so hard on the Inside he can’t hide it! Yet he shows us how twisted we’ve become when Twisted Words are considered valid.

It’s like we’ve been on a giant, slowly leaking Ship. A ship we claim to be Perfect. At first, only Total Buoyancy was acceptable. Then after the Leak is discovered, buoyancy with pumps running 24 hours a day is normal. Then the Sinking started. Sure, we’re getting lower all the time, but each low becomes the new Norm. Now, faced with the crushing thought of Imminent Doom, insanity gains converts with its siren song of, “All is good! We can never sink!”

What’s so wrong with admitting our Boat is defective and fixing it??

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Living is a good thing.

"All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning is see your eyes.
"Rosanna! Rosanna!
"I never thought that a girl like you could ever care for me.

Living is a good thing. It’s what I should do. It’s all I should do. Let the sins of others be on their heads and the sins of me be on mine. It’s a Living Thing I need to create. And when it’s alive, all the world’s a dream. The feeling is Endless. This is where the future lies.

Then comes Ugly Reality to ruin it for everyone.

There are people who devote their entire lives around this happening. These are the Dead People. They are ones talking of the Necessity of war and politics and other dead things. I’ve come to realize it’s all just a Ploy to drag others down into their own hole. They talk big and speak of Noble Causes and Urgent Matters but in the end it’s all about them, running away from life. “Be as I am.”

That’d be OK if you were actually living.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

In the Final Analysis, we’re all in prison.

In the Final Analysis, we’re all in prison. I agree with the Soul who said, “Either we learn to live together or we die together.” So what is Safe? There are those who burrow deep into the Green Zones, amass huge profits and Disconnect from reality. In this way they seek to Insulate themselves from the pain of the world – and considerable pain there is. But those people become Prisoners of the Mind.

When we first started this outpost we had such High Ideals. We were going to do things a New Way, a Better Way, a Way for the Ages. Our music rang out with the joy of the Universe. We had such belief in ourselves! It’s hard to believe we are the same people. How did we descend into War and Starvation and Injustice so easily? Are we just kidding ourselves thinking we still hold that same goodness?

Many are proud of the things they have. But the truth is, we don’t have Things, they have Us. That is what Possessed means.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We actually have a day Dedicated to our planet.

We actually have a day Dedicated to our planet. In the Green Zone today, we all had to wear green armbands. This is how we show support of our planet (no kidding!). Eh, it’s easier than caring. It’s called Alpha Centauri Day and we celebrate what great Stewards of the World we are. We even picked up some litter so we can feel free to trash the place the rest of the year. Great Speeches were made on the Importance of our Environment and how we need stop destroying it. It would have been great had they actually meant it.

People think I'm all about Changing the System and Revolution and shit. Well, I'm not. That's waaay too much thinking for me. What I'm all for is admitting the Truth. It's just that the repercussions of that are Revolution. That’s how Far Off this floating orb is.

At the end of our Forced Reverence, we all held hands and praised ourselves in Empty Gestures meant show our true love of Nature.

This we do as we rape It.