Saturday, June 27, 2015

I found a Burn Out on the Road

"Why do I breathe? Where can I go?"

His eyes could See but did not see me as I rushed to his side. He'd staggered under a tree to find rest but the turmoil in his soul was Forbidding peace. Hollowed with black Emptiness were his Eyes, blinded by untold years of despair. He heard my voice as a Distant sound, as if we were on two sides of a fence. His body was scabbed bloody, Poisoned from within by the Factory Grind. I had no answers on how to Heal him.

"The Gears must keep turning!" Like a Knife slowly penetrating his heart, this had been drilled into him with relentless 24/7 brainwashing fed over loudspeakers. His Life was to be used up and thrown away, a legal Slave in the eyes of his Masters. Above the Workers was a glass ceiling that served as a floor by the higher ups who watched and Orgied themselves like Vampires. "I know it's Wrong but Please let it last for One more Day," moaned a woman of the Realm.

She knew not what she Asked - but she should have. In the Old World slavery was in the open for all to see. We Outlawed it as a classification but obviously not as a Practice. What Shudders me most is a slave Descendant oversees the factories and is more Ruthless than ever before. The Burn Out told me the wheels of Society were greased by the "Screams of Dreams." They were Whipped with threats of Banishment to the Dead Zone. Life lost all Point, living and dying the Same. It was, he said, like being Buried alive. This perhaps, is the greatest Dirty secret of the Green Zones.

Mercifully, he started to Slip away from this World. What dreams have we been Cheated of? I Knew then at that Moment. We cheat ourselves of Dreams that could Save this planet. As the final Light departed from his being I could see that his hopes were Our hopes and I could not help but think that our once Glorious outpost would become nothing but a Wasteland from end to end.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Breathe deep the gathering Doom

It's almost as if our Soul and the Environment are connected. As one grows Blacker so does the other. Like Clouds before a storm or a tree's emerging blossoms we know what is to happen next if not exactly When. So I Wonder: what is there to fight for? I struggle to stay afloat in an Endless sea in every direction. Am I hoping Land will appear, parting the waters in instant Salvation? It seems that must have been my thought process...

A cancer of Fear spreads with our Stubbornness. In the Green Zone, I'd be considered a Prophet of Doom, reviled without mercy or thought; instant Savagery. But for now, it is they who are the center of power who can effect Change. But change they do not seek. They too see the darkening Sky as polluted as our soul. Red with Rage, their faces yet deny what they See with their eyes, Straining to suppress the truth, Maniacal in this false pursuit hoping that the more they do to Prove the lie the more true it must be. The ground Vibrates with their Fanaticism.

So where do I Turn? Do I save a life today to see it Washed away tomorrow by the inevitable Waves of death rising higher each day? Demons from on High determine our fate. They wear the Last of the fine linens as they hail to the cheering crowds that the Sky - and our Soul - is no matter and that they (and Only they) will bring back the Sun as before, go back to Sleep, all is well. What a nightmare. It invades my sleep, Sapping my sanity - as intended. I live in a universe of emptiness, forever falling.

How perverse we have Become. Saviors do not Save, liars Lifted Higher, Anarchists keep Order, Destroyers build the Future, Science solves the Soul, Deception warrants Worth, Predators accuse their Prey. Every day we are less Convinced of our Survival but it is the most convinced who are the Loudest. These things I must let Swirl around me, Centering myself within, Letting Go of the world. It is Sad to see us die. It is Horrific to see us die. It is our Choice to die. The wreckage of this planet will stand Testament to nothing.