Friday, November 30, 2007

With a leap, I jumped onto the Mindless Monkey...

With a leap, I jumped onto the Mindless Monkey and tried to strangle the Life out of him. Seething with Rage, I was Possessed into action. Perhaps I wouldn't have done it had I been alone, not knowing in the back of my Mind others would pull me off. But I Snapped, thus Joining the Rage of the Times. Everyone considered it Hip.

Not sure why this guy's Mindless Mumblings set me off. He was merely parroting the Official Word handed down from On High on the State of the World. There was just Something in his voice, his Blithe Acceptance of it all, that chewed on my Final Nerve and I Visualized in this guy all things that are Wrong and Ugly. I thought I could Slay the Monster. Afterwards - after I had calmed down - I spied the Smirking Grins of a few of the witnesses of my descent into Fury. I know who those guys are.

They are Truth Slanderers. They love to stick Lies into you like a Knife and Twist it until you finally Lose Control. That is their Satisfaction. Please tell me, God, why you allow such Souls to slander your Word. These Vampires among us Feed Off other's desire to Live. How does one find Solace or Refuge from such Foul Beasts? This Blind Man must open his Eyes.

How Disturbing to find that I too am infected with the Rage Disease.

Monday, November 05, 2007

An Alien Witness approached me today.

An Alien Witness approached me today. Some people Vilify and Fear them but I find them Refreshing. The reason I think the Witnesses are so hated is because they cannot be Controlled. This drives the Powers That Be crazy - which gives me much Joy. But the Witnesses aren't here to bring Change or Enlightenment, but just to Record.

Apparently this Witness had just watched a Waste Disposal truck dump its contents into a lake instead of the Designated Disposal pit which would have Safely Housed it. And he noticed the driver did it with a Smile of self-satisfaction. As if he had been Clever. So the Witness quizzed me for an explanation. Turned out to be harder - and more Embarrasing - than I thought.

I told him that, yes, the driver would be Penalized if caught doing that. So what then motivated him? Well, he gets Penalized for using the proper pit as well. At that remark, it is really hard to describe the Confusion on the Witness's face. I tried to explain the Profit Concept, that only people with profits deserved to live. So if the driver had used the disposal pit, he would have had to given up some of his own Profits in order to do so. And since no one really likes Giving Up profits, the rule on dumping is rarely Enforced.

I told him many of us liked the idea of an Industrialized World that requires no Responsibility. In that world, Nature can be Violated with Sanction - no longer to be regarded as Holy. Our pollution is a Power Trip. We've created our Own World with our Own Rules and as a community, we Worship it because it accepts our Defilement. That is what we use as the Measure of Success.

The Confused Look never left the Witness's face.

Terrorism, it's all the rage!

Terrorism, it's all the rage! It's always been my Theory that despite Wild-Eyed and Vehement Protests to the contrary, we on the whole, in reality, truly Hate what we're doing. But what do you do when you hate the Path you're on and yet Choose to Believe it's the Only Way? The Sane Answer, of course, is to change your choice. But we Stiff-Necked people like to Pretend that any question of what path to be on is Decided and Moot.

So that leaves us with the Insane Answer: Terrorism. To Rot from within. It's a Viral thing, running through us like a Raging Fever. It's the only way left to effect the Change we so Desperately crave. With Blind Anger we wreak havoc on the very "civilization" we say we are trying to Preserve. And instead of trying to Cure this disease of Hatred, we - as always - Wage a War. Thusly forever fanning its Flames.

I know, I know, Smart we are Not.

As for me, I'm thinking of Opting Out of this ol' World of ours. If this planet doesn't Want to live, then So Be It. I'll just Make Peace with myself.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

"God heard not my prayer."

"God heard not my prayer."
- despondent Mother after watching her Children die from Starvation

We have days marked for Prayer, to make Everything Good. We pray for our Leaders, the Future and for the Well-Being of our planet. We pray that all things may be Beautiful in life. With all this praying going on, why does our Condition continue to Deteriorate? Is it because we have Turned Our Backs on our Maker and are no longer heard?

I don't know the answers to these Questions. Whatever the answer, it's Clear what we're doing is Not Working. Maybe our Prayers are being Answered but we are not Listening. Why can't we just Fix Things first and Ask Questions later? No one's fucked up this Planet but Us. And if our Maker is not going to Clean Up this Mess of ours, guess we'll just have to do it Ourselves.

All things already are Beautiful in Life.

"The Future is Final: What Tomorrow Brings"

"The Future is Final: What Tomorrow Brings". Rumors have been running rampant for weeks now about the final release of this report. I found it rather amusing to see the Heated Consternation it has caused along with the Fiery Debates over the Tiniest of details. It's like they think if they Change this report it in effect changes the Future. Funny.

I agree with the Philosopher who said all human motivation stems from the desire to be Loved. These people know they're doing wrong Wrecking the Environment and Robbing Tomorrow from our children, and that's why that can't stand it whenever the Truth of their deeds comes out. Their Faces turn red and their eyes Steam with hatred when Facts belie Wishful Thinking. Somewhere Inside, they know what they do is Unacceptable.

Obviously, I was not here when we first came to this space Outpost, but the Feeling of that Beginning Time has been passed down through the Generations. We were starting from scratch, no Preconcieved Ideas on What Should Be, but a Fresh Thinking was born in our initial burst of Joy and Love. Who would know it to see us now that we started out as Nature Worshippers, treasuring every tree and marveling at the Sky. We felt a Part of Something.

Now I feel we are at Odds with Everything.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's easy to become a Disconnect

"Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see"

It's easy to become a Disconnect. Life in this world is really Hard and the Times weigh heavily on your shoulders. So it's Tempting just to disconnect. It's sort of like sipping tea and enjoying the sun on a Sinking Ship. Just block out any Ugly Realities and grab the Moment while you can. I can see the Lure of that - sort of.

Disconnects seem like Happy People. They have a Myopic Mania for the Moment. They don't find Comfort in Fixing things - they find comfort in Ignoring things. Life to them must seem like a Doomed Situation, something to Squeeze Dry until there's nothing left. So maybe they don't realize that true Rest comes from making things Whole. But I understand. We are all very, very Tired here.

There are no Disconnects in the Outlands. Or, if you are, you don't last long. Acknowledging ugly realities is how to Stay Alive outside the Green Zones. So I'm not sure I could Sip Tea in the Sun on a sinking ship and enjoy it. My Survival Instincts would not allow it. It would sort of be like trying to rest on sharp and pointy rocks. Yet once again, I end up asking myself: Where is Sanctuary?

So, yes, living is easy with eyes closed - until the ship sinks. Then it becomes Hell on earth.