Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Clock is ticking as the beat grows Louder.

The Clock is ticking as the beat grows Louder. You can see it in their eyes. The desperate clutching onto the last Shreds of Life before the well runs dry. Officially, we are not allowed to admit we are coming to The End. We are not supposed to believe our eyes and ears but instead put our faith into Wishful Thinking that an Answer will appear. Funny thing is, there really is an answer: admit we're fucking up and Change.

It is said that to be cut off from Love is as to be cut off from Air. Which means For A Time, you can survive but the window is short. We are in that Window now. Seeing No Tomorrow, the restraints are dissolving. They ask what's the point of Preserving that which is soon to be destroyed? An Unwritten Rule is forming giving blessing to any grab for the Good Life any way you can. In the Back Rooms, men are manipulating profits without conscience, maiming the lives of millions to benefit only themselves. And there is no Outrage from this.

Those whose lives that have not yet been rendered to merely a Struggle For Survival have surrended to Excess. Consume food, sex, any form of life you find - Consume it before it's too late. They declare themselves Hip for this admittance of our destruction but who is that parties when Eternal Blackness is the price? They consider those who pursure the Endless Dream as deluded fools chasing something that can never be. And thusly they Accept the coming of Eternal Blackness - and it is they who shall Never Be.

Eternal Blackness will come, and with it, Eternal Regret.

Monday, May 12, 2008

He was a man driven to Madness. I'm sure I'll be meeting More

He was a man driven to Madness. I'm sure I'll be meeting More. His mind snapped from Perpetual Fear, his spirit soon followed from Biting Despair. When the Illusion of Civilization and the Veneer of Care had been ripped from his eyes, the Ugly Reality was too much strain. He retreated into a tormented world of his own in order to escape a Tormented World.

I managed to calm him (with some effort) and I found he had taken on a fool's occupation: an Honest Reporter. He said he had uncovered a Great Crime sure to do harm to us all and yet, no one cared. The reporter Crusaded Valiantly but the powers-that-be merely impugned him and smeared his name. But he was Salty and his Will strong. He further proved his point by finding deeper crimes of destruction but as he spread the word the Final Horror dawned on him: all was Apathy. Shrugged Shoulders dismissed him saying, "Reality is whatever we say it is."

I too once spoke the truth and was Crucified for it so I knew the Man's pain. He'd had his Faith in his fellow man torn asunder and that he could not Survive. I tried to Console him on this our Dying Planet and the Failure of his fellow man on whom we depend. I spoke of one day when Justice would come to set things right and we would Blossom once again.

"When?" he barked. "When we're all dead?"

I told him it would be a time of no reporters, for everyone would already know the Truth. His brow unfurrowed and he gave me a Weak Smile, slowly daring to Believe as he walked away.