Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Failure To Maintain Responsibility"

"Failure To Maintain Responsibility". That's the new Law that's been passed with much fanfare and Controversy. Of course, the controversy will die down until this too becomes the new Abnormal. Day by day the Green Zoners are more and more eaten up by Fear and Self-Loathing. Now everyone else has to pay for their Sins.

We Dead Zoners have always been persecuted and harassed, this just makes it Official - and gives them a License To Kill. "Anyone who can't provide for himself must be killed for the Greater Good." Those were the unsanctimonious words from our Fear Leader. The idea of Sharing is such a Colossal Terror and Unbearability the Green Zoners can hardly speak without lacing their words with Bitterness and Anger. On the radio, when they get among themselves the words disappear in a tidal wave of Killing Lust. The Perpetual War Machine is not enough for them. Nothing is ever Enough for them.

As it stands I'm hiding in a hut, biding my End Times. Sometimes just having the Wrong Thoughts causes my head to break into a fever. Do I have days, months or years before I'm Discovered and shot on sight? The Shooters hide their face in shame. The lawmakers walk in open Contempt, glorying in the Hate heaped upon them. Green Zoners fight the Inevitable as if they have a chance. Who among them has a Clue? Who realizes the more they do to try to Save themselves the more they Destroy us all?