Thursday, September 13, 2007

43 days without the Sun.

43 days without the Sun. I thought I would go mad. Some did. Every day the same with globs of grey hued Clouds tinged with a rustic brown suffocating the Sky. What is going on here? Have we completely lost our minds? As Fear broke out, the Quellers were quick to rush in with Explanations of Exoneration for our ways. And since there’s nothing more abhorrent in the Green Zones than the Thought of Change, they did what they always do: disconnected a little bit more.

No one resists the Cup of No Tomorrow. The unbearable reality of what we’ve done oppresses the Sober Mind into torment. But rather than work our way through it, we drink once more of the Mindlessness of Madness. It tells us all is OK. See only the Now, with no thought further. How comforting it is: the soothing thought of never having to pay. Some have made whole Cults out of it. They Banned me when I said we must pay for our sins to survive. With Righteous Fury I was informed we must NOT pay for our sins to survive.

But will we be OK with The Now of tomorrow?