Friday, March 14, 2008

To find Peace in a world gone Mad, you must find a place of Abandonment.

To find Peace in a world gone Mad, you must find a place of Abandonment. I walk in silence down this oily, dirt road, its fine dust stained by Careless Processes and Industrial Haste. With the life soaked out and the land suffocated with Metal Fatigue, I can't live here for long. And yet, only in this place do I Breathe. The Exploiters and Reapers won't come back here. I am safe inside the Abscess of their extractions.

Begrudgingly allowing a few slits of Sunshine, the machine room rules in glorious Disrepair. Without the Frantic Humans to tend and worship it, it carries all the Disdain of a fallen god. A single red diode blinks intermittently, the Lonely Sentinel of an ancient monitoring system. No one told it Time was up and the human worship would Move On. For that which has been branded Useless, no quarter is granted. And God help the humans Branded us such.

Riding a giant Tidal Wave, we have Peered over the world from Heights never before seen. Our Fruitful Ways, we said, will go on Forever. But all waves are Artificial and must eventually Crash. Eventually the Hunters will find me even here. The Day of the Dictator is returning and they who support it know that is Wrong. For this reason, they must wipe out Dissent. The Power Lords see the wave is waning, and as Desperation clutches their throats, they Scramble to gather all resources to themselves. My Hungry Mouth will be seen only as a Liability.

But in the end, when the Final Crash of the wave comes, no one will be Spared.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Hell we all Wanted is finally here.

The Hell we all Wanted is finally here. The System is breaking down and Chaos has come to Rule in fiery torment. Hunger and Sorrow spread like an Incurable Plague. I see Blank Eyes in both the living and the dead. I'm just Scrambling now, abandoning any hope for Stability.

I haven't felt much like writing lately. What's the use? I'm recording our Destruction to Ashes for what? No one Learns or Asks Questions or even tries at all. They think - if Think is the word - that to Question is not in our best interest. Never in History has Blindness been so blindly hailed.

We ourselves don't believe we Deserve to live. Why else would we be Wiping ourselves out? I see my fellow Man crawling through the Streets of Despair and I know one day that will be me. But the Hysteria of the Day mandates No Criticism. People of Integrity are never bothered by criticism. Corrupt People can't bear it. If no criticism exists - Corrupt people hope - then the Corrupt can have a Future. Such is the Folly that Surrounds me and Chokes me.

We laughably like to trust in our Armies of Death and Propaganda and Laws of Illusion to rule the world when the world is already ruled by our Soul. The Dividing Time is coming and I will be labeled a Disloyal by the Men With Guns. My only Solace will be to know they will merely have my dead body - yet I will have their Souls. At the time, this will not bother the Men With Guns.

Until they find out it's their Souls they Wanted all along.