Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"The truth is for losers."

"The truth is for losers." These Words of Enlightenment came to me at the end of a conversation with a Living Liar. His kind are particularly Alive in these times, feeling the Winds of the Times at their backs. Sanctioned by a feeling of Official Approval, these Beady-Eyed bastards feel free to Seek Out and Exploit any Weakness they can find. Nothing brings a smile of Satisfaction to the Power Lords like seeing these Sowers of Chaos ply their trade. It's good for keeping the Little People in Tangled Webs.

His eyes brimming with vibrancy, the Lying Man chastised me for Defending the Truth in my conversation. He told me I was behind the Times and truth held No Meaning anymore. Smart People, he said, are the ones who can Lie the best. He claimed if I stuck with truth I'd be Swallowed Whole and Left Behind. Reality exists only in the Mind, he insisted, and the object is to win the War of Words. He then went on to Brag how he'd successfully Defended an argument espousing the Earth Is Flat.

But the more I listened to his game of Self-Deception the more I Amused I became - until finally I Angered him with a Laugh.

Yes, I could see he was a Master at pervading the Prevailing Thought and this Perversion was his god. But, dude, while it’s true Changing Peoples' Minds can change Our Reality it sure as hell won’t change the Laws of Nature! Somewhere Inside you still have to Know that. Love requires No Lying.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happiness: The New Crime

Happiness: The New Crime. Some people are completely Oblivious to the Times. Oh sure, I'm sure somewhere in their Consciousness it registers what's going on but they walk around Blind to what anyone else is Feeling. As we continue to Erode, these folks will be known as Targets. The Bitter Malcontents, the Violent Losers, the Self-Defeated - these and other Cretins are climbing out from under their rocks no longer able to Suffer the Fury of their Seething Frustration.

When the Rock People spot a Target, they start off with an accusatory Verbal Assault which provokes the oblivious soul to Retaliate in kind. That is exactly the Torment the Rock People hope to achieve. To see another angry, red-faced human screaming in Dissatisfaction brings them a Temporary Comfort, sort of like an Addict getting a Fix. It's not hard to Imagine one day the Entire Planet engulfed in Flaming Debate.

The Dissatisfied - They Who Are Unhappy With Their Choices - are gaining nerve to finally Prey upon the Innocents - They Who Are Genuinely Happy. But the Innocents who cling to Creating Life simply because they Know they should will Live Forever. This has been Revealed to me. I often laugh at the Conflicted as they Defend the World while clearly Hating it. Convincing others you're happy won't make you Happy. But these are the Times that force one to Come Clean or Die.

I think that's what they call separating the Wheat from the Chaff.