Wednesday, July 08, 2015

No place is Safe

As the Green Zones shrink with each Passing day as the Overlords proclaim a Reversal of that will happen if only we would Support them and the police Hounds are given ever greater rule to protect Hoarding the dwindling resources there is no Place one can go and feel safe while connected to Reality even in the most ensconced green zone Bubbles. This is also true at the opposite end of the Spectrum.

Driven by Boredom I ventured into the Wasteland just to see what I could See. That's when I saw the first of the Blown Bridges. This made no Sense to me. Is everything built to be Unbuilt? Is that Progress? How can a man make a Difference in a world like that? What work can have Meaning if its ultimate fate is to be reversed? Then I recalled a Story I'd read of art torched by the Power gods because it Reflected "poorly" on us.

Of course, if we continue our Death Trip to complete self-annihilation it's hard to Imagine anything speaking more Poorly of us than an extinct world.

Only the very Outer bridges were gone and an Uncomfortable feeling settled on me I couldn't quite connect. I felt this for several days before I met an Outlyer drifter more familiar with the Waste lands than I. He said they had to blow the Bridges to hide the growing Pollution. If the Green Zoners knew pollution was on the way to destroy their bubble then they'd have to change their Way Of Life - the Worst fate of all. The power gods decided the Toxins must be Hidden at all costs in order to preserve their Moral standing.

"But the pollution still comes anyway in the end if it's not stopped and kills their 'way' regardless!" I protested.

The Drifter shrugged because he'd never seen the Point of life to begin with. I surely do Wish I could know why I am stuck with this Knowledge for all the good it does on a Dying planet I cannot change. But even as I longed for Ignorance, the dots suddenly Connected for me. This is all part of a greater Communication Breakdown.

Bridges literal and Spiritual must be Destroyed to prevent Our truths from reaching us. This isn't a Functioning society, it's nothing but a gigantic Cover Up. As we hurl towards the end we Desperately smash Mirrors whether in Art or in Nature. Death is protected in the Name of preserving life. No place is safe, even in your Head.