Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Road Strikers re-emerge from the pages of History

It's something very few want to Talk about. It's bad enough we Destroyed one planet, what excuse can there be for Two? Gangs of Road Strikers live to terrorize once again just as they did Thousands of years ago. They Ride Out from the Green Zones to rape and pillage the Weak and Defenseless, feeling Entitled to their Taking because taking is what it's all about in this world. We like to Pretend we are something different than what we are but Desperation causes Revelation (all over again).

I've read a few Mock editorials bemoaning the rise of the Road Strikers but those writers are either disconnected from their own Part in the Criminality (giving themselves moral cover) or if genuine are Rebuked and Marginalized by the-powers-that-be as Hysterical and (ironically) Disconnected. But really, what can they Say? To admit we are going down the same road of Self-Annihilation as before is to admit Defeat and - worse - Responsibility. But by turning a Blind Eye we ensure the Strikers perpetuation.

What I also find Amusing are the self-laudatory pieces these type of events incur. Talk of how Great we were to start all over with the New Mandate, how brave our Ancestors were who fought for it - the Implication being we are still as great now as we were then. But we've passed the Crossroads where we either Commit to the Mandate or Sink into wholesale Selfishness which renders our previous principles Moot. The Mandate now is just words on Paper. We dream of a Past that never was to create the Illusion of a Present that does not exist.

Some say we must draw our weapons to Protect us against the raiding hordes of the Strikers. It's true these Beasts commit their Treachery with a ruthless relish, Seeing no crime in what they do, often repeating words of the Mandate as they rape! The Strikers love to Libel those in Need as the destroyers of Society even as these monsters burn houses with Families inside. But while guns may Kill a few of the them they cannot stop the Phenomenon of the Strikers or the underlying Mentality. Only Complete Condemnation by all of us can do that. But like I said, True Voices are few and far between - and those are Maligned and Minimized by the Mad Masses.