Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mad Bombers are getting Madder

When bombs go off in the Dead Zones they get no notice. But Green Zone bombings get Round The Clock coverage. Who are the bombers? Why do they do it? What do they hope to accomplish? Nobody. No reason. Nothing. All that really matters is the Frequency.

We know we are Dying. Everyone can see we are dying. No one actually Admits it. As we continue to Fray, the bombings increase. It is the Sorrow, and the Pity. They call them Cancer Cells as the bombers cluster together, Eating Away at society. Terror is their Lifeblood, their Addiction; they always need more. Even without the Random bombings, life here is terror. How else to describe a place with no Tomorrow?

The Entitlement of the Green Zoners gives them a license for Tyranny. They live in dire fear of the Evil they have Unleashed over the centuries. They believe that by calling themselves Good they can kill at Will any person they deem Bad. Their self-Paranoia devours them even without the Bombers to provide an Incarnate enemy. For the bombers, their bombs are their Words and Destruction their creed. Two sides of a coin Fighting one another in hopeless Deadlock.

I am not Immune to the Rage, our true Enemy. Many are those whose sole Dedication is keeping rage alive. Peace is the Provocation for their bombings. To them, if others Live they feel terrorized; Left Behind. While at the same time the Overlords feel terrorized by the Truth, waging war with Lies as Weapons. This is our Madness. As the Brown Clouds deepen in darkness, blocking the Sun, Draining our crops and Souls, we go ever more insane. How can we not?

What is Done is done because we each pursue the Path we believe will bring us Love.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Days of Future lacking

I was running down the road yesterday when I Stopped. I knew why I was running - no one can take a chance of coming across a Patrol Unit and having a Mind Scan done - but then it hit me. What am I running To? Realizing that Question caused me to Halt in my tracks. Nowhere. There's nowhere to go.

Part of me wanted to Lay Down and die right then and there. Truth is, that Feeling still lingers. I feel it will be with me until the End. The Green Zones shrink smaller every day. And the Viciousness to stay within them is as Brutal and Animalistic as anything we did in the Old World. It's Unbelievable that after having Ruined one planet we'd repeat it all over again. Only this time there's no near Star to bail us out. There's no more chances Left.

I won't say we came here with the best of Intentions (though most say otherwise). We were somewhat humbled and Scared of ourselves, but not Reborn. Secretly, we saw this as a Chance to try our old Ways once more, as if our previous Destruction had been nothing but bad luck. It was Deliberate then, it's Deliberate now. You see, we don't truly Believe there's another way but to Plunder. That's because we don't believe in Ourselves. And when you don't believe in yourself you Know you have No future. So the ideas of Preservation and Salvation become moot in your mind. May as well rape, murder and plunder for Tomorrow we Die.

Outside the Green Zones it's easy to see the Myopic Insanity. I feel it myself when I'm there. The Disconnects, the Denialists, the Destroyers, the Death Worshipers see the greenery and think they'll live forever. It's Overwhelming the desire to feel the Good Things will always be, that your Acts have meaning, and to Forget the soul-sucking doom of facing life on a Ghost Planet. I have wondered what Alien travelers will think once we make this world Uninhabitable too. Have other life forms done this or are we the mockery of the Universe?

So if I die Today, what of it? I could save a Thousand Lives only for them to face Ultimate Despair later. The things we need do to Keep Alive is what advances us down the road to Hell. The slow Starvation of a depleted planet is a memory that cannot be Undone. I Weep as I Walk. I stumble Forward but know not Why. Is it Possible there's any other place in the universe where Love is so Unrewarded?