Thursday, June 28, 2007

I think I wandered off into another Time today…

I think I wandered off into another Time today…

It’s true I spend a lot of time in the Green Zones toiling mercilessly for Profits to survive. But that’s all it is to me. I am not a True Believer or Defender of the Faith. I hate those fanatics. I come back here to the Outlands where Faith in the System is not expected. For some reason I particularly wanted to be as far away as possible from the Green Zone pressures. It was like a knot in my head I needed to get rid of. But apparently I went so far as to snap my mental tether cord.

It was the End of the Day and the sun was dying on an unusually Haze free day. I passed through a junkyard of metal and rust, things of Discarded Use. That’s when I first started noticing The Feeling. There was a Stillness as I gazed upon these Dead Objects, never to know life again. My mind started looking at them as the Universe would, questioning Our Judgment. I Feared the answer.

Onward I tread into a Burned Out terrain where Machines had once come and taken what they will. And left the Land to an oily death. I had never felt so Isolated as I did crossing that soil, this place of Rejection. If asked, I would have sworn I was the Only Person on the planet. All the Lies and Propaganda and False Hopes fell away in Sobering Realization. Nature knew what we were doing. And as much as we hate to admit it, Nature has the Ultimate Say.

So a Dying Man sat in the Dying Sun on a Dying World. I was timeless at that point, with no Past or Future. It was never meant to be like this, turning Paradise into Purgatory. I wanted to stay in that spot forever, never to return to the Madness. In that Moment – when I knew not the time or day or year – I felt the Ancients trying to whisper an Answer into my ear.

But how can a man listen to his Dreams when he’s a slave to profits?

Monday, June 25, 2007

These are Times for Sackcloth and Ashes.

These are Times for Sackcloth and Ashes; a time for purifying Souls. A Haughtiness of Green Zone Living has bred us corrupt. To maintain our Lovely Lifestyle, there is no crime we have not committed: lying, stealing, raping, warring. So how does one rationalize such Wrongness? By declaring yourself Holy and saying God would want life this way.

It's a scary world I live in...

But in making Amends there is Hope. In feeling our pain, we can start Healing. Pain brings Sobriety and thus an end to the Excess. How long can we keep feeding ourselves Madness before we die? It's a long Road back but the Rightness of it will be Evident in the very first steps. Or will we always just keep Whistling Away in the dark.

I sometimes suggest these things just to see the glares of Anger I get in return.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I hereby disavow any knowledge of my existence.

I hereby disavow any knowledge of my existence. Everything you’ve seen me do, I have not done. All that I’ve spoken, I’ve never said. There is no Now. There is no Good or Bad. I Sin no more. Nothing is Real. This is not happening. In this way I have become “reborn”. There is only the World, and me in it. I am saved. I am Smart now.

To save the world, you must become like I am. Come, eat the fruit of my Answer. The Non-Believers must be destroyed, they infect us like a disease. We shall become Holy Terrorists as we spread The Answer. Believe us or die. Or bite the poisoned fruit and become our Brothers in Blood - lest we become Forever Enemies. In this way we shall Cleanse the World.

And there will be Dissent no more.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

What’s going to happen when the truth finally comes out?

What’s going to happen when the truth finally comes out? I hear the grumbling all the time. Everyone hates this Set Up. But if you are a Questioner chances are you’ll get kicked out of the Green Zone. And I’ve seen people kill before they let that happen. So we are content to bitch and moan…but never formally Question. The Green Zones are pressure cookers ready to blow. I laugh when the Powers That Be stifle the Complainers by enforcing the Happiness Rule: If you can’t be happy here, try being happy in the Outland. That shuts them up. Blackmailed and bribed into Silence. Yet it only delays The Inevitable. No one likes walking around with a gun to their head.

How is there hope when we aren’t even allowed to discuss an Alternative?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Insane have formed their own club, with Delusion as the dues.

The Insane have formed their own club, with Delusion as the dues. I listened today as two impassioned Disconnects verbally tussled mightily over tactics in the Battles Between the Haves. To them, war was All That Existed. They had the usual Green Zone Disease of having crawled up into a little artificial world and it was only in there they wished to reside. It was interesting because you could see the need for them to feel they lived in a world they could control and make things right. Was this because they felt their own lives out of control? The tactics each preached were the same each used in dealing with his personal affairs. “If somehow I can just keep from facing myself, everything’s going to be alright.” There’s no Future in that! No one is immune from the Desperation of Our Times. We all know what’s happening to us but never is it spoken.

Ignorance is not Bliss - and willful ignorance is Suicide.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

It’s all about the Bubble.

It’s all about the Bubble. Who can go through this world the most Untouched? That seems to be the ultimate goal of our existence. How deeply can you burrow into the Green Zone? How much of the Good Life is your life? How trivial can you become? This is what is seen as the Answer to the World’s Woes: make those woes go away for you. Never feeling, never seeing, never knowing. It’s not about Making Things Work, it’s about making things work for you. All eyes are on the rarefied stratosphere of the Easy Life in the Green Zone.

But happens when there are no more Green Zones?

The Dark Lords of Law are laughing.

The Dark Lords of Law are laughing. An Innocent Man was convicted and hanged. His final Screams of Outrage were music to their dark souls as they serenely watched the Holy Execution. “No one is above the law,” they declared. “Even when we’re wrong, we’re right.” Any god alleged to honor the truth is sought after here and the law god is a very popular one. The watchers applauded heartily in awe as the Power of the Law god reigned supreme. With the Increasing Chaos of a dying planet, a gnawing panic drives them to cling to any hope of order and a false sense of well being. As the Innocent Man dangled lifelessly from the end of the rope, each felt secure in the feeling of Absolute Power. For what are the odds such Injustice would ever happen to them?

100% my friends.

Can you feel the love?

Can you feel the love? Seems everyone is so desperate for a feeling of love and approval we’ve become a planet of whores. The Fear to Question is gaining grip on our soul. No one wants to be One Who Disagrees, an Outsider. It’s not just that all your Goodies might get taken away, it’s the fear of Disapproval. You’re not Playing Ball, you’re not keeping the game going. If you do that, then you’ll be Questioned. Answer wrongly and No One Will Love You. So turn a Blind Eye to me and I’ll wink back at you. Let’s all just say Everything is Good – especially if it’s not.

Funny part is, when I ask if the truth will save us, the answer is always, “Yes.”

Friday, June 08, 2007

I think I met the White Rabbit today.

I think I met the White Rabbit today. Or at least our modern version of it. He had been late for a very important date. I asked him why and he said vehicle trouble. You could see the rage steaming off his forehead. The Impertinent Car had stymied his Precious Plans and the thought of such a thing happening revolted him to no end. Things Such as This don’t happen to a Man Like Him. Without his Important Work, the world would stop running and Dire Consequences would unfold. So I asked what exactly the trouble was and he replied he ran out of fuel. Fortunately he was too busy with his own consternation to notice my shock and stifled laughter. With a straight face I asked why didn’t he just refuel. Like a parent lecturing a child, he clearly recounted, “I was late!” I inquired if he did not consider the possibility he might run out of fuel before he could reach his destination. He said that wasn’t something he wanted to think about.

I wonder what else he doesn’t want to think about.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Is it sane to be sane in an insane world?

Is it sane to be sane in an insane world? There are a few Noble Souls who try to speak out but the Immoral shout them down or have them killed. Maybe I should just give in and spout the same lies as everyone else. “All is good!” I’d proclaim. “Happiness and sanity are overrated!” See? That’s my problem: something always slips out. You see, in these glorious times, the truth is a traitor to our Ways. I wonder if someone reading this a thousand years from now can understand that? They may not understand the nature of our madness; of the Colossal Stupidity of seeking comfort in fleeting, temporal lies; hoping against hope that somehow we can choose Death and have Life.

But Comfort can only be found in the truth.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Greed is losing its honor.

Greed is losing its honor. The Holy of Holies in the Green Zones is greed. It is the Savior on which their society is based. “Appeal to human greed,” they openly say, “and your system will never fail.” My sentiment is the opposite – it will always fail. But some need that proven.

Trade among the Green Zones is vital to their lifestyle. But evidence has come to light of shoddy products being passed off to bolster Profits. Even food has been laced with poisons to make it appear nutritious (until chemical analysis was done). Initially there was much outrage over the lack of honor in these dealings of the Greed System. But once thought through, the Green Zoners decided it’s better to take another step closer to the grave than admit an error in Their Ways.

I think on the Tombstone of this world it should read: “Killed by its ‘savior’.”

Friday, June 01, 2007

Come, join our Polite Pretense.

Come, join our Polite Pretense. Greetings, Mr. Monster, how are you today? You cut your hand off because it itched? Excellent, my man! That'll show it! Nothing has the Right to Bother you ever, for any reason! Yes, well, I thought you might agree with that. Me? Why yes, as a matter-of-fact, I just shit my pants. But I know an esteemed person such as yourself would never mention such a Foul Smell. Indeed, it is good to be in Polite Company. Oh my, I too hate the Whiners and Complainers and all their Negative Talk, always looking at what's Wrong instead of what's Right. Good God, my heart broke forever way back in '51 and you don't see me griping! A little Misery never hurt anyone. What's that? Oh, you too!

Have a Happy Suicide, sir!