Sunday, April 06, 2008

It's a Curse to bless a Dying Planet.

It's a Curse to bless a Dying Planet. And it's a Blessing to curse a Dying Planet. Welcome to the Age of the Pervert King, who boldly walks down the well manicured streets blessing our destructive ways and calling our evil good. Like Hopeless Puppets we all must applaud when he says we are great and we all must deride the one who calls us anything but Holy. As Fear and Gnawing Guilt overtake us, the Pervert King comes to soothe us and remove the pain of our common enemy: Reality. Never before has he reached such popularity or been so highly courted. Today is the pervert's Finest Hour.

But no hate is too much hate for Truth Tellers who make us Look Bad. For this Unforgivable Crime we brazenly proclaim our righteous outrage and how never should such behavior be Tolerated. Surely the Zealotry of our hatred proves the merits of our Goodness. I heard a Propagandist talk about how in the old days we were a "primitive and ignorant people", his implication being that now we are Smart Enough To Sin and thusly incapable of destroying our home.

But I have a feeling our ancient counterparts would look upon us with Confusion. Why is it, they ask, do we put poison in our Air, Land and Water? Why is it we do not live as One so that we may survive? Why is it we so ruthlessly and dogmatically worship a god that does not Profit us? I too would love to know the answer to these questions. Yes, we have found technology - but lost Our Way.

For far too many, only Death will suffice as Proof of our Wrong-headedness.