Friday, August 24, 2007

Who sings on a dying planet?

"And in the the end
The love you take
Is equal to
The love you fake."

- From the New World Order album

Who sings on a dying planet? Our art has become artless. This is what happens when Faith is lost. Oh sure, I hear a lot crap about proclaiming faith and posing as a True Believer, but the words ring hollow. If you can't sing with Soul, sing as if you have soul - and we'll pretend it's the same. Wishful thinking has replaced hope and fear has made a desert of our dreams. Guilt kills all rythm.

"If you can't have a Life, at least you can have a lifestyle." A friend of mine said this to me recently. So we sing about the Goodies we got, how High we're living and all the so-called Power we can glory in. What a crock. Hard Beats from Hard Hearts. What happened to our belief in a Better Way? "Everything we Love will never die." Was I the only one to Believe that? I don't care I'm mocked as a Naive Idealist. Let them sing of their profits, but as for me, I prefer this lyric:

"Find your way back! Find your way back to the heart!"