Sunday, August 30, 2015

The new Strain

The latest Enforcers are call the New Strain. Born out of an Idea from the Supreme Power Lord who's so Tormented he can never Sleep, the enforcers are injected into Hyper activity until they drop dead. Dropping Dead on the job is also the new badge of Honor. Vacant souls line up for this latest Glory, praised by the Propagandists and Blessed by their mothers to be Good citizens. To admit they're Lunatics would be to admit our entire Society is lunatic.

The stories are horrific. Some recruits die Instantly with the first Injection. It's a rite of passage to survive it followed by a Ceremony of celebration. Those who die are privately sneered upon for not having what it takes; too Human. The Indoctrination is both mental and physical - even enforcers outside of the New Strain fear these Maniacs. Anyone caught finding life Precious is considered Weak and Inferior. Hell's hand reaches out from the Old World.

The Supreme Power Lord trolls among the troops to inspire them to even less Sleep. He fills their heads with Grand Visions that they are the ruling elite to be hailed by History. They do Savagery in the Name of right, playing this principle to the hilt. "He who Questions least is the greatest Patriot." This New Strain hates their enemy who Rests, rousting them in the night to Chambers without light or sound. Though they know the injections Shorten their life, the enforcers feel they have an Advantage over Ordinary souls who still seek sleep.

The longer the Waking period, the more willingly Heinous the crimes. Reality becomes Distorted: paranoia for Breakfast; Suicide for lunch. The misdeeds Infect them, driving them even further down the road of hyper Cruelty. There are rumors of those missing their injection time going stark raving Mad as Sobriety brings them back to Self-Awareness. It's also Rumored the Supreme Power Lord has the same blood Chemistry as the New Strain even having never taken an injection. He's kept awake by his Own Private Hell.

Who can see a Future in this? It's as if we're being Swallowed whole while no one Notices. These Fools speak of their Place in history, but who will be left Alive to even know we existed?

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